Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Exhibition of Architecture

In 2014, people’s interest in architecture has increased. Including architectural exhibits, various architectural events were continuously held. There were 14 architect based exhibits and various art exhibits which architect involved. …

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Doors, Communicated boundaries

  -Exhibition information- Period: 2014. 10. 8(Wed) ~ 11. 2(Wed), 10: 00 am ~ 5:00 pm Venue: Arumjigi (Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea) Artist: Byoung Soo Cho(BCHO Architects), Wook Choi (ONE …

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Openhouse Seoul

OPENHOUSE SEOUL Lowering the threshold of the city meet the architecture Openhouse Seoul is a city architectural festival that opens and finds the urban surrounding environment, architecture, and the space …

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디테일(detail) 어떤 분야의 계획이든 디테일 작업이 전체의 후반에 이루어진다는 것은 일종의 상식이다. 그리고 그 분야가 건축일 때에는 더욱 그렇다. 하지만 한편으로는 디테일이 계획의 시작이 될 수도 있다고 생각한다. 그리고 그 …

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Seo-So-Mun Historical Park Competition

Image Origin:http://seosomun.org/ HanSung(now Seoul)—capital of the country during Joseon Dynasty—was under the rule of Confucian philosophy for over 500 years; and was resistant to Catholicism. Seo-So-Mun is now a historical …

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